Don't worry, she just sees the world differently
I chose the form - art
Sasha Zabaluyev

Venus in the fall
Size: 100/100 sm. Material: canvas, acrylic, texture paste

Throws a stone at the glass man. Throwing Stones 2

Size: 150/150 sm. Material: canvas, acrylic

Death drive. Self-portrait

Size: 120/120 sm. Material: canvas, acrylic

Throwing Stones in a Glass House

Size: 75/200 sm. Material: canvas, acrylic

Nicole is indignant

Size: 150/150 sm. Material: canvas, acrylic, glass

The Hysteric's Discourse

Size: 75/200 cm. Materials: canvas, acrylic, markers

Hysteria/History 1

Size: 80/60 cm. Materials: canvas, acrylic, markers

Give me

Size: 80/60 cm. Materials: canvas, acrylic

No words

Size: 50/37 cm. Materials: canvas, acrylic

No words

Size: 50/37 cm. Materials: canvas, acrylic
The artist has been invited to participate in one of the most important Italian exhibitions of 2021, dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri. In the exhibition will participate painting "Death drive. Self-portrait"
From December 24 to January 7, Sasha Zabaluyev will take part in the exhibition "Contemporary Art" in St. Petersburg, which will be held at the exhibition center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
Seven paintings by the artist were exhibited at the Russian Art Week. Two of them took part in the competition in the nominations "Modern avant-garde painting" and "Contemporary art". The artist's works took second and third places in competitions
The painting "Discourse of Hysterics" was selected for participation in the exhibition "New Reality" in the POP UP MUSEUM of contemporary Russian art. This is a project of two famous Russian art galleries "InGallery" by Inga Legasova and "Nikolskaya Gallery" by Irina Nikolskaya.
The painting «Throwing Stones in a Glass House» went through the competitive selection process for the exhibition "Pandemic, The Light Therein" by Art Impact International, Inc, Washington. Sasha Zabaluyev became the only Russian artist in this season. The final exhibition was take place at the Contemporary Culture Shock Galerie (a 3-D Virtual Gallery) in September 2020 from September 1 to 28. In the meantime, watch the trailer:
«When I draw, I win the death drive»
Russian artist Sasha Zabaluyev was born in 1986 in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

Sasha's unusual and long creative journey started in early childhood - she could spend hours with a brush and paints, without responding to the surrounding world. Such an amazing immersion for a child into the process of drawing and lack of interest in what was happening around led the artist's parents to suspect that their 3-year-old child had autism.

Later, the denial of any boundaries in her work was what the school psychologist of Sasha also paid attention to - she saw how the girl made drawings on her skin with the help of sharp objects. As a result, the young artist was diagnosed with «schizophrenia», and treated at a psychoneurologic dispensary for children.

Sasha recalls: «Mom later told me that she was very scared, and told her not to worry as she just saw the world differently».

In 2012 she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Rostov Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences. Right after graduation, she moved to Moscow.

For several years she lived and worked in the House of Artists at Bryusov Lane. Like many people of art, Sasha was demanding and critical of her canvases. The works written during that period were destroyed by her.

To earn her livelihood, she developed ideological concepts for public, educational and commercial projects. Until 2015, she worked as a managing editor for the private American Studies' journal «Terra America». Plus, she designed the print version of the same edition.

In 2019, Sasha's psychological state worsened again. After several months of prolonged depression and the search for new suitable methods of treatment, the artist turned to psychoanalysis of the Lacanian School, where she is still in therapy.

In the spring of 2020, the state returned to normal, and Sasha was able to return to her usual life and again devote herself to painting. It has become her way of talking to herself and accumulating energy. About Sasha's attitude to creativity, it can be said that for her «artist» is not only a profession, but rather a way of life in which a sensitivity of reality is combined with a play of imagination.

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