About three years ago during the pandemic a group of artists, designers, sculptors and digital creators has decided to team up and create art together. They named themselves:
group @_607.

@_607 create paintings, sculptures and digital art. They works are in private collections and museums. Have been exhibited in the United Arab Emirates (EXPO 2020), Italy (59-th Biennale) and USA.

Also, their works were included in the British book of contemporary art 'Russian Art in the New Millennium'
edited by Edward Lucie Smith and Sergei Reviakin.

Venus de Milo has been broken into pieces during the fall of antique epoch, the symbol of which she later became after being found at the Milos Island in 1820. Antique has fallen under the pressure of the coming Middle Ages, so the symbol of Desire (Venus) has fallen and broken down with it.

So it is today, Sexuality and Desire are breaking by the Other Law, being in the co-joined fall into the abyss between Epochs. Who's hysterical here? — A woman that is both unable to cherish and hold in her embrace that falling into abyss Other? — or Other that makes the epoch fall down and the Woman's world break into pieces?

Architectural Venus, 2022
'Landscape with yellow house'
canvas on a frame, oil
canvas on a frame, oil
ColorDigitalArt (Hommage an Henri Rousseau)

Art-Group @_607

Outside the box lab (Viktor Eremenko, Gleb Ostrovskiy)

November 2021

The Color Digital Art (Digital Flower) has been created as part of the Genuine Digital Art Concept (http://colordigital.art) and is a series of projects, each of which is "drawn" with QR codes. In our case, the QR code is an electronic flower. Once an artist had to mix paints for himself before starting work; today a digital artist can also prepare to himself "electronic paints" and "draw" a work with. What is Genuine Digital Art? It is, on the one hand, the heir of pop art, which made the daily life objects works of art, on the other hand, net-art, which dates back to 1974 and begins with the works of art using telecommunication networks as media. However, now we can raise the issue of genuine digital art. We have yet to define the directions of genuine digital art. We can jointly explore genuine digital media by means of the art, we can treat digital media as fundamentally new and express with their help what analog cannot depict at all.
'Before the Gift. No need to take care about us'
canvas on a frame, acrylic, markers
'Venus in the Fall'
canvas on a frame, acrylic, texture paste, crackle lacquer
'Throws a stone at a glass man'
canvas on a frame, acrylic

'Death drive. Self-portrait'
canvas on a frame, acrylic

'The Hysteric's discourse'
canvas on a frame, acrylic, markers
'Venus in the fall' as part of the interior of a house in Moscow's region
59th International Venice Biennale (Italy)
'Omelchenko' gallery (Moscow)
EXPO Dubai 2020 (UAE)
'Dante Alighieri'. Villa de Claricini Dornpacher Bottenicco (Moimacco, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
'Forbidden Fruit', 'ArtGuest' gallery (USA)
'NFT-Flowers', London (UK)
'First red'. 'White' gallery (Gurzuf)
Modern artists' exhibition and young designers' competition 'Hermitage' (Saint-Petersburg)
'Window'. Gallery of intellectual discoveries (Kazan)
'ДZen Art'. Exhibition center of Saint-Petersburg's union of artists (Saint-Petersburg)
International art-salon. Exhibition complex 'Gostiny Dvor' (Moscow)
'Reception point'. 'Nazavod' gallery (Moscow)
'The One that looks over earthlings'. 'Here on Taganka' (Moscow)
'Talent of Russia. International competition, exhibition and fair of contemporary art'. Exhibition complex 'Gostiny Dvor' (Moscow)
'Art-Russia'. Exhibition complex 'Gostiny Dvor' (Moscow)
'New reality'. POPUP museum (Moscow)
Russian art weak. Congress-hall 'Danilovsky' (Moscow)
'Art-Cosmogony'. Exhibition center of Saint-Petersburg's union of artists (Saint-Petersburg)
'Seasons'. Exhibition center of Saint-Petersburg's union of artists (Saint-Petersburg)

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